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The First Experience

It really makes a lasting difference on one’s business whom is selected to represent them in a business real estate decision. Case in point is Prime Fitness. Only a few years ago, the owners of Prime Fitness in Rockville were ecstatic to find themselves running a gym they could call their own. However, lacking the desired guidance from a previous real estate person that missed key dynamics and a true understanding of the immediate neighbors, the resulting first home of Prime Fitness’s business became far less than ideal or expected. It was not long before parking became a major issue. Constant squabbles turned into full-fledged parking battles, eventually becoming so heated that Prime was in the unenviable position of having to turn away their own members.

Craig Provides the Solution

In the late spring of 2015, Craig Kates of ROSSI Commercial Real Estate was recommended to ownership by a member. Upon hearing Prime’s concerns and desire to increase membership, coupled with his own first-hand knowledge of the landlord’s intention to sell the property ahead of sweeping redevelopment, Craig began devising a strategy that would allow Prime to grow comfortably into their next home.

After dissecting the market and touring multiple locations, Craig and Prime zeroed in on one particular location featuring ample parking and exterior lighting as well as a critical and commercially complimentary relationship with a well-established neighbor.

Craig’s dialogue with the landlord continued to center around a patient and collaborative approach. Ultimately a turnkey build-out was negotiated, reflecting the landlord’s significant investment in Prime’s future success.

A stark contrast exists between Prime’s first and second experience with tenant representation. In the first instance, the results were pretty detrimental to the business for a long time. In the second, the choice of Craig Kates and ROSSI CRE crystallized through experience the difference a good broker makes and allowed Prime to finally enjoy an environment characterized by healthy expansion, synergistic relationships with neighboring tenants, and increased client safety and comfort — while leaving behind the restrictive parking and animosity surrounding their first location.

To learn more about Prime Fitness, visit their website: www.primefitness.com

To learn more about Craig Kates, visit his bio page:  CLICK HERE FOR CRAIG

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