Monorail Proposed As Maryland Transportation Solution in Montgomery County and Frederick County

Commuting congestion and sitting in traffic is sadly a way of life for most people working and living in Frederick County and Montgomery County Maryland. An interesting video was brought to my attention today and it was so eye opening for me that I want to lend my thoughts and share it with others too. This Monorail commuting solution seems like a fantastic idea to me and is already used in cities around the world. According to The High Road Foundation that created the source video, Monorail is the best overall commuting solution with lower time to build, lower cost to build and less impact on the environment than all other proposed solutions, which include widening I-270, Light rail, heavy rail, Metrorail expansion, new bus routes, etc. Why is Monorail not on the table being discussed as well. Perhaps now it will. Here is a brief overview video I created to share the video and lend my insight to his proposal. ROSSI CRE is not affiliated in any way with The High Road Foundation. However, more information on them can be found at their website, www.thehighroadfoundation.org.

Now, that you have watched that video, the source video that I saw that goes into much more depth on the proposed Monorail System Solution for Maryland, Montgomery and Frederick County along I-270 in particular, below is that video:

The High Road – A 270 Story from Interface Multimedia on Vimeo.