Farmers Insurance Group Gets A New Office in Rockville, MD

Brian Rossi has completed a new office lease on the 10th floor of 6110 Executive Boulevard, Rockville, Maryland, representing the tenant, Bruce Fletcher and Calleigh Fletcher, insurance agents with Farmers Insurance Group.

How Brian Gained This Client

“I was eager to help them when Bruce Fletcher first contacted me about his requirement because he had grown frustrated with the experience of searching for the right space”, explained Brian Rossi, President and Owner of ROSSI Commercial Real Estate.  He continued, “Bruce indicated that he had called off the leasing signs of several buildings in Rockville but did not receive any return phone calls. He also spoke to a couple other real estate brokers about tenant representation that had promised to get back to him with some leasing options in the area but they failed to do so after several days had passed.  When he found my information on the Internet and reached me by phone, he appeared to be an ideal candidate for tenant representation.  He was willing to work exclusively with a broker that could get the professional courtesy of returned phone calls from other brokers on the buildings he was interested in and also provide excellent customer service as he himself is accustomed to giving his clients in his line of work.  I’m good with that, so we started that day and completed the lease transaction within only a few weeks later.”

Brian commented, “I’m often amazed how customer service and returned phone calls in particular is so lacking sometimes in the commercial real estate field compared to other types of professional service firms.  In situations like this one, I’m fortunate for it because it created an opportunity for me to gain a valuable client that I was able to serve effectively and complete the task with great success.  I am also happy to report that although Bruce had a list of about five buildings he wanted more information about and to set up tours to see their available space, the building at 6110 Executive Boulevard was not on his list.  So, ultimately I was able to add value and bring Bruce and Calleigh the information they wanted and also new information about availability they had not yet discovered and that building, owned by Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT), ended up being their best choice by far.”

How Experience Played A Factor

Although there were several economic factors negotiated to the benefit of the client such as getting many months of free rent initially, one example was rather interesting in which experience and attention to detail saved Farmers Insurance a little extra money that Brian illustrated.  He explained, “I had recently completed another lease in 6110 Executive with WRIT representing DCN, Inc., a telecom company, and that experience also served as an added value benefit to my client. The office was a beautiful, newly built spec-suite, gorgeous and ready to move in and it had a fairly expensive, new refrigerator in the kitchen area that is worth approximately $2,000, maybe more.  In the negotiations of the actual lease agreement language, I recommended that we write in that the refrigerator stays, which would have surprised my client to sign a lease and later discover the refrigerator had been removed as not being part of the deal.  I knew it had to be written into the contract in both cases with DCN first and now again with Farmers Insurance Group.  It normally does not occur to tenants that upon completing the lease and moving in that items that are not fixtures like refrigerators would no longer be there. To the delight of my earlier client, DCN and now Farmers Insurance Group, I had thought to inquire and discovered the refrigerators in both cases were simply for staging purposes and would be taken out and relocated to another vacant spec suite for more showings, but I changed that.  Obviously, an office user will have a refrigerator for employees, so it may seem like a small thing, but details count and in both these cases, I saved my clients the unexpected cost of purchasing a new refrigerator.” Brian also added, “Having represented many office tenants and also landlords in Rockville, and Montgomery County in general over my 18 year career, has provided me the experience to be familiar with little nuance differences of the major landlords in our area.  That always seems to give me an interesting and valuable insight and negotiating strategy in each case that creates unexpected benefits for my clients and they gain from that advantage I bring.  I like to call it “Market Wisdom” in addition to “Market Knowledge.” ‘There is no doubt about it, a company’s choice to represent them in their office search really does make a difference, and as in many areas of life, experience counts.”   

Brian has completed leases with other insurance companies including State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual Group, Aflac, The Champion Agency and California Casualty Group.

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