A New Office Building For David Reumont CPA Firm

Reumont CPA Firm Left to right: Samba Wurie, Mari Slobounov, David Reumont, Diane Reumont, Mark Rose & Kelsey Jarrell

Reumont CPA Firm, left to right: Samba Wurie, Mari Slobounov, David Reumont, Diane Reumont, Mark Rose & Kelsey Jarrell

We congratulate David Reumont and his CPA firm in acquiring a new office space in Silver Spring, Maryland. Craig Kates of ROSSI Commercial Real Estate represented the client in this assignment. Details of this transaction are as follows:

The Problem:

With tax season swiftly approaching and backed into a corner by their landlord after 15 loyal years in one location, a local CPA firm needed to select, secure and move into their new office – in less than 30 days.

The Turning Point:

David Reumont, CPA called upon the services of Craig Kates of ROSSI Commercial Real Estate, entrusting Craig to navigate the market and turn the challenges facing the business into a real world solution.

The Solution:

Wasting no time, Craig responded by quickly setting up multiple tours. Each included several options allowing for the client’s targeted flexibility, geography, and immediate availability. Due in large part to their advisor’s diligence and creativity, David Reumont CPA was able to secure an appropriately sized finished “spec” suite featuring major upgrades over both their old office building and suite.

The Results:

12200 Tech Road Silver Spring 800pix

Building: 12200 Tech Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904

The entire process was completed in just over 3 weeks and resulted in several tenant client benefits including:
– Significantly larger space for less money
– Below market rental rate
– A brand new, built out office suite
– Trophy office setting with dual glass suite entrance

David Reumont commented, “When our business was backed into a commercial real estate corner, the efforts of Craig and ROSSI proved critical in securing a bigger, brighter, better and less expensive office location — all before the onslaught of tax season.  Our schedule was beyond tight and our faith in Craig and the ROSSI team was rewarded in full.  Craig’s round-the-clock accessibility and determination to provide multiple workable solutions were essential to selecting the best space, finalizing the lease and opening in advance of our busiest season — in under 30 days!!  In our time of need, we depended on Craig’s experience and expertise to push the process forward daily.  In regards to our own clients, Reumont knows first-hand the value of excellent customer service, so we recognize it immediately when receiving that same level of service from others.  Craig and ROSSI surpassed all our expectations.  I will definitely insist on working with them going forward and wholeheartedly recommend Craig and his firm to friends and colleagues seeking guidance.”

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